The 5-Day Lovers Play Challenge
The 5-Day Lovers Play Challenge 

Where couples get back to having fun both in and out of the sheets

Join the FREE 5-Day 
Lovers Play Challenge

Where couples get back to having fun both in and out of the sheets

What You'll Learn: 

5 proven techniques that build a rock solid foundation for joy and passion in your relationship.

We've helped thousands of couples around the world cultivate a deeply satisfying and supportive partnership using these techniques. Now, we're here to share them with you!

Shift out of auto-pilot and enjoy fresh new ways to connect

We're here to help you de-stress and make connecting easier. Learn how to support and celebrate each other instead of feeling like "life" is getting in the way of your relationship.

Level up the sexy and genuinely enjoy time together.

It’s time to break past what feels boring and depleting. Learn our best practices for rekindling intimacy and maintaining a vibrant and passionate love life. 
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What you get: 
  • 5+ days of insight and top-notch relationship training from The Intimacy Experts
  • ​​A quick and potent daily “win” for you and your partner (that ultimately leads to more fun in and out of the sheets)
  • Live Q&As to provide inspiration, specific guidance and encouragement
  • ​​A super-charged, fun lovin' and private FB group full of couples on a mission to live happier, healthier lives together
WARNING: This challenge will lead to deeper intimacy and more frequent S E X (*wink wink)

Let’s be honest, you want a relationship that is full of pleasure, passion and harmony!

Hi, we’re Marla Mattenson and Julian Colker, internationally recognized relationship mentors known as The Intimacy Experts. It’s our mission to help you enjoy more play and grow that sexy best friend bond so you can experience more grace, ease, joy and flow in your relationship, even through the rough patches.


We believe in a world where full expression, heartfelt kindness and wild play are the backbone of success in life.

It’s time you were able to enjoy every single moment of growth with your partner, even when it’s challenging. It’s time to move beyond those mundane and “is this all there is?!” moments and get back to deeply enjoying one another again.

We’re here to show you how.

Here’s to less conflict and more connection in your life!

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